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Faith is my oxygen

Every Wednesday we have a reflection from a member of the congregation. I was delighted to receive an email from Emma Price (Em) who grew up in Marsden and attended both St Bartholomew’s and St James Churches. Em sent an encouraging email for us and hopes that you may remember her as she remembers you all in her prayers… …by[…]

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Marsden Moor

1st Sunday after Trinity

Over the last few week’s sermons I have been prompting you to think about your faith, your relationship with Jesus, and the nature of the church. I haven’t offered too many answers. Our faith grows when we are curious, and all faith, no matter how experienced, has room for growth.

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Trinity Sunday

Happy Trinity Sunday… a day of curiosity and questions! One God… Three persons? There is a special online service live on YouTube at 9am with the Archbishop of York Many of us are praying at 10am every Sunday BBC1 10:45am: The Rev Canon Leigh Richardson leads a service for Trinity Sunday from St Davids Cathedral in Pembrokeshire. With hymns sung[…]

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Light of the world

Sunday 31st May, Pentecost

As a community separated by a virus but drawn together by faith, we worship today: Many of us are praying at 10am every Sunday BBC1 10am: Pentecost Celebration: A live service marking the festival from Gorton Monastery in Manchester, with a small, socially distanced group from the city’s King’s Church leading a celebration of the coming of the Holy Spirit.[…]

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