St James’ Church in Slaithwaite

The Church has stood in its present position, in the centre of the Village, from around 1789. Prior to this there was a church building nearer the river Colne, which was prone to flooding. When the current church was built, it was constructed in the form of a large chapel style building.

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St James Church
St James Church

The bell tower was added twenty years after the initial construction, and later Victorian builders added the present pews and a beautiful tiered gallery to seat the growing population from the surrounding towns. The church clock, on top of the impressive west tower, has a fully working Westminster chime. This sounds the hour, every quarter and every half hour.

Internally there is a very large, well lit, worship space with a beautiful balcony that gives us the capacity of seating 950 people. Behind the pews we have a cafe style area and kitchen; we are able to host wonderful feasts for the community – as well as occasionally hosting post Wedding receptions.

St James' Church
St James’ Church
St James wooden church mouse hidden away on a carved piece of wood
We have a church mouse too!