God is: You are loved.

If there is one message we could share with the world, this is it. God is: you are loved. Your life has so much more meaning and value than you could possibly imagine… church is a group of people trying to understand this. If you are curious about the faith of Christians, looking for a deeper meaning to your life, or seeking fellowship for your soul… come along and find out more.

The Church of England in Marsden and Slaithwaite is made up of three churches: St Bartholomew’s in Marsden, St James in Slaithwaite, and ‘Shred‘ (a mission Church) in Upper Slaithwaite. We come to church because we believe that God loves us and we want to celebrate that. We want our faith to blossom, to recognise the blessings that God has given us and to share those blessings with the world around us. You will see our faith in action in our Community Cafés, when we freely offer hospitality, warmth, and good food. We also host festivals and concerts to support our local community.

Community Cafés & Warm Spaces

We have two Community Cafés: on Wednesdays 10:30am to 12:30pm in Slaithwaite (St James) and on Thursdays 10am to 2pm in Marsden (St Bartholomew’s). Both of these cafés offer good quality hot food and something to drink in a warm environment where you can meet others from the village and find companionship. We offer this food and drink freely from our Christian love for our neighbours, but these are not ‘religious’ cafés: whatever you faith, or even if you have none: everyone is welcome.

God is love: where love is, God is…

“Living in Love and Faith” is the title of a reflective process the Church of England has been taking to think about human sexuality and Christian teaching. The bishops of the Church of England have been studying the Scriptures, reflecting on the Church’s tradition, engaging with the resources, and listening to the churchwide responses. Their task has been to discern God’s voice about what this learning means for the Church of England. The outcomes of their discernment are copied here following this link. The Vicar has reflected on this with his own thoughts which can be read here.

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