The faith of children

Wednesday’s update is usually something reflective, an opportunity to share our faith. It was delightful to hear from Ali and her retreat in Northumbria, and from Elaine on how her faith helps her find peace. Over the past two weeks I have been inviting the children from our Shred Sunday School, and from Slaithwaite CofE Junior and Infant School to send me their prayers, poems, art and photographs from where they are today. A common theme from all the children is that they miss their friends and family, and are looking forward to freedom once again. What follows is a gallery of all the material I have been sent. I will let the children’s work speak for themselves.

a message from Annis and Margaret, Sunday School Teachers

God bless all the Sunday School children and their families. We miss seeing you all at Shred’s family services and hope you are keeping safe and well. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

We have chosen two photographs to accompany this message. They show Margaret giving the thumbs up on our Sunday School trip to Southport and Annis holding last years advent wreath. These photographs are just a small reminder of happy times from our church’s annual calendar of events that reassuringly continue year after year.

Unfortunately this continuity has been broken this year, we were sad to miss joining together for Mothering Sunday and Easter. Both these events normally have our community, friends and family at the very centre. Just as Easter is a time of renewal and hope, in these unusual times we know our strong faith will keep us together, even if this has to be done in different ways.

Thanks to Graeme our vicar for helping us to keep in touch through this new church website. Even though we are not very good with modern technology, we are thankful we can share our message and see what you have all been doing.

We are both certain that it is going to be absolutely amazing when we can all meet again at Shred. As we all know community spirit and fellowship are always at the very heart of our little church on the hillside. Until then please keep safe, God bless you all, Margaret and Annis

Shred Sunday School Teacher
Shred Sunday School Teacher


  1. What lovely pictures, photos, writing, poetry and art work- love it all!
    Keep smiling you wonderful children of Slaithwaite, miss you all
    Elaine Bradley

  2. Wonderfully uplifting – thank you so much to all the children – and thank you for posting them. x

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