Faith and inner peace

It is wonderful when people share their stories of faith, because it often helps us gain confidence in our own experience of God, and faith, and such like. This week we have a reflection on faith and school life from Elaine Bradley, whom many of those living in Slaithwaite will know…

…from Elaine Bradley

To introduce myself for those who do not know me, I am Elaine Bradley the Headteacher at Slaithwaite C.E J.I School. I have been in this position for a long number of years and worked with a great number of amazing and wonderful people and children in the village of Slaithwaite and in the wider community of the Colne Valley. Graeme has very kindly asked me to talk about my faith and how this has supported and helped me in this very difficult time in all our lives.

Our local community has pulled together in a time of crisis for our children and families, this has been inspiring, yet is no surprise as it is part of our Colne Valley stoic heritage to look after each other.

Many local volunteers and groups have kicked into action to support and help families in need, our older generation, our key workers, our children and vulnerable adults, along with others who need support at this difficult time. This has taken the form of community support groups, local individuals, the church, all local schools and shops to name but a few.

We might ask ourselves “Why has this happened in the world in which we live?”  We might be asking “Who is to blame, could this have been prevented?” A lot of unanswered and searching questions come to mind. Certainly the children who continue to attend our school at this time have asked the adults working with them some of these questions.

However, one thing that shines through and we can talk to children and indeed each other about is how we can deal with, cope with and manage this unprecedented situation.

As a Christian myself I have found great comfort and strength in talking to God. This has given me personally an inner peace and helped me cope with the worries, stress and fear in my daily life at this present time, but also allowed me to reflect on what is “right” and “good” and what we must celebrate too in our beautiful world.

Our children at school have wanted to make posters for the school fence. They suggest that “We talk to God!”.  I think they are 100% right!!!

Slaithwaite C.E.J.I School

An inner peace and strength at any time of the day can be found by a short prayer, a chat, a question and indeed a “thank you” to God that nature and life still goes on and we must celebrate this.

To finish, thank you to Graeme for coming to our parish and thank you to God for sending him to us at this difficult time. The following short poem/passage is something which I have read many times over the past few weeks and our children at school have discussed and reflected upon.

This is your day, Lord
and through its joys, struggles
and issues we shall endeavour
to be your servants,
and whatever we do or say, be informed
by the love you show
and the grace we know
daily in our walk of faith.

Stay Safe and Kind Regards to all.
Elaine Bradley
Slaithwaite C.E J.I School


  1. Very up lifting, thank you Mrs Bradley for sharing your story .
    May God bless you all Two Gates

  2. “A “thank you” to God that nature and life still goes on and we must celebrate this.”

    Thank you Elaine for sharing that. The picture of the lamb reaffirms that sentiment in a lovely way.

    I am finding solace in the same principle while sowing and tending the seeds and plants at the Horsefield for the Babes in the Wood Forest School. I look forward to the day when the children can return to enjoy them.

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