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Exploring feelings of inadequacy

I think that the biggest good news for me is that God showed his love for us by the way in which Jesus lived his life, and the messages of love that he brought from the Father. Good news is also the inclusiveness and compassion which Jesus showed towards others and how he wanted everyone to share in God’s love

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Women less quiet

As I read Joanna’s faith story, generously shared in the hope that it encourages others, I was captured by the phrase “women less quiet”. Remember, both the incarnation and the resurrection of Jesus were revealed first to women. It is thanks to ‘women less quiet’, speaking out in courage, that other people have been helped to discover Jesus too.

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God and the Coronavirus

One of our congregation, Melanie Haigh, was recently given a copy of the book, “Where is God in a Coronavirus World”, and after reading it has kindly written an insightful book review for us. If you would like to borrow the book, Melanie has left her contact details at the end of this post. … from Melanie Haigh “Where is[…]

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I am a work in progress

This Wednesday, Dave Fisher shares the result of his reflection on the question, “who am I?” – adding to the voices of Marsden and Slaithwaite as we think about ‘who we are’ in relation to who Jesus is. It has been wonderful hearing from so many different people, and we hope to have more to share each Wednesday. If you[…]

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