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What is the Soul?

Dear Parents, Guardians and Teachers,

A note from the Vicar, Graeme. I recognise that Religious Education (RE) in schools is a broad subject, covering the world’s diverse and complex religious beliefs and completely agree that RE is not an excuse for religious leaders to try and convert anyone to a new faith. It is wonderful that schools seek to help children understand world faiths and think about the complexities of people’s beliefs.

Christianity itself is a complex and diverse faith. There are some parts of Christianity which are agreed and shared by all Christians, and there are some parts of faith that continue to be discussed. As your Church of England Vicar, in Marsden and Slaithwaite, I hope to contribute in a measured and sensitive way: supporting our local schools as they look after your children’s religious education.

The following video resources are offered in humility and with love. Please watch these videos before you show them to the children in your care, to ensure you are happy that I’ve presented the topics fairly. Everything you see here is entirely optional – no one has to watch any of them.

If you would like me to make a video to answer your question, just tell your teacher what you’d like to know. Your teacher can send me an email and I’ll make a video just for you. I hope that will be interesting for you.

A short talk about Jesus’ death

What is your favourite Bible story?

British Science Week


A short introduction to the Bible

A short talk about Creation

How did you become a Vicar?

Your Questions

An Introduction to Lent

Meet the Vicar

Further material

Here is a link to free resources for schools from the Diocese of Leeds.