Poetic Faith

Each Wednesday someone from our community shares their faith, this week I am proud to have a poem from Pamela Denton. Pamela has been writing poetry for many years and expressing her faith through verse, she claims to have a simple faith – but in the words of her poem I see the wisdom of the Holy Spirit at work.

Writing poetry about God and faith is a tradition which has echoes throughout Israel’s history, and we know this wisdom as the Psalms. Psalms come in certain types; Lamentation, Songs of Praise, and Songs of Thanksgiving among others. Pamela’s offering for us falls into the tradition of Songs of Thanksgiving, but of course it is never as simple as that… there is pain in Pamela’s poetry. The pain is somehow eased for us by the use of rhythm and humour – but it is still there, seen by God because with God nothing is lost, nothing is wasted.

We each have gifts – or perhaps more Biblically, talents – that we can choose to use for the blessing of others. I am honoured to be able to share with you, the wisdom of the Holy Spirit as expressed in the poetry of Pamela Denton…

…from Pamela Denton

Pamela Denton shares her poetry

It’s a funny old life.

Apart from everything the Lord did give.
It’s a funny old life with a day of snow and rain,
Another day, we will count each gain.
It’s a funny old life of suffering and pain,
Be thankful, when we are feeling better again.

It’s a funny old life, sometimes sunny and bright,
Not always or we would not search for Christ light.
It’s a funny old life when we reach for the phone,
Especially when we are at home feeling all alone.
It’s a funny old life for you and for me,
Sometimes I think, we must all agree.

It’s a funny old life, on top of the world when all is rosy,
Then someone upsets us, then things are not quite so cosy.
It’s a funny old life when we cannot see,
That we can speak to God from now to Eternity.
Perhaps it’s a funny old life, we should never say,
As we thank God from day to day.

Never give up hope, if one as turned away,
with God’s love and guidance will return one day.


  1. What a lovely pome Pamela. A true reflection on life, a mixture of good times and bad, thank you for reminding us that God is always there and we can always turn to him. God bless.

  2. Thanks Pam. So lovely to read another of your special poems. Profound as always.

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