Shred Christmas Party 2020

The community who meet at Shred Church in Upper Slaithwaite usually have a brilliant party with worship, dancing, songs and awards for all the children who come along regularly. Although the party isn’t allowed in 2020, the good folk who give their time and effort to make Shred Sunday School happen brought together a coronavirus safe (and distanced) party for all the families – and the (free) places sold out immediately.

God bless all the volunteers and leaders who gave their time so generously to run this. And God bless all the Shred families, the parents and children – we look forward to gathering again in 2021.


  1. How wonderful that the children and their families were able to celebrate the birth of Jesus in this way ,
    Thank you to all the dedicated people who made it happen ??

  2. Everything that takes place at Shred is very special, but the covid Christmas ‘party’ was super duper special! So much love and kindness and thought, we are so very lucky me and my family felt very blessed. Thank you Shreddies x

  3. It was great to be able to go to Shred. We are very lucky to be part of this community to share the spirit of Christmas. Thankyou all .

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