15th Sunday after Trinity

The Vicar (that’s me) is away on Sunday 20th September and we have a guest Priest, The Revd Martin Lowles, covering our services at St Bartholomew’s and St James. Martin has chosen a Psalm and an epistle to support the Gospel reading from Matthew 20:1-16, the readings may be found following: this link

It is unfair to our growing online community that there is no Holy Communion recorded for this week, I am deeply sorry. While it is a joy to record, edit and deliver an online service each week – and to ensure that it is sacramentally prayed over and offered as a holy service – it is time consuming and when I’m away I lose the space to create an online service. It would be helpful eventually to have a team to work with, ensuring that online services are valuable, have integrity and are genuine moments of connection with God, in the name of Jesus and the power of the Spirit.

If you are interested in developing an online ministry in partnership with me (the Vicar) please let me know, my contact details are here following: this link

Our online services do not have to be the same each week – there is scope to have a variety of worship styles, traditions and services. With guest preachers and readers. Because we are online we have more flexibility to offer creative ways of worshipping in your own time and at your own convenience.

In the meantime, be assured of my prayers.

With love in Christ,
The Revd Graeme Holdsworth, Vicar.


  1. Having something available online is great for me as I often find it hard to attend physical church, I would like to be part of something new but am also very aware of how time consuming and demanding it is to provide new and interesting content in this media. During lockdown I’ve listened to a few good podcasts and joined some Facebook ‘watch party’ church services, but find there is little sense of the connecting with others, which I value at church. I tried an email and Facebook based Bible study a few years ago, but found I kept forgetting to do it!
    I’d be interested to hear about other experiences and ideas…

  2. Yes We shall both Josephine and myself will miss It. in the absence fom meeting together Which We are making An Attempt at a service, This AM but I am very reluctant to go inside any where in numbers, we are not even meeting our own families without much care and distance. We have found over the last 2 months them to be a very good stabilizer in our lives together and trust we will continue to enjoy.
    Arthur D

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