2nd Sunday after Trinity

The Church is the people of God, and although we are physically separate, we continue to worship together with one heart and mind:

  • Many of us are praying at 10am every Sunday
  • BBC1 11:45am: A service for Father’s Day from Holy Trinity Platt Church in Manchester led by the Rector, Rev Dr Paul Mathole, filmed before the closure of all church buildings was announced. With songs and hymns recorded by Songs of Praise in 2017.
  • Songs of Praise (1:15pm)
  • Revd Graeme Holdsworth takes Holy Communion at 6pm, in his study on behalf of our community
  • Morning Prayer is said every day

Tell Me and I Will Forget;
Show Me and I May Remember;
Involve Me and I Will Understand

Faith, no matter how experienced, can grow. The Archbishop of Canterbury (in 1093), St Anselm had a motto, “Faith seeking understanding”, which was shorthand for “an active love of God seeking a deeper knowledge of God”. Anselm held that faith came first, then an understanding of that faith. During the last few weeks I have been prompting our church to think about their faith, to ask questions. I’m on holiday this week so my sermon is different.

It is time for you to ask me questions

While I’m on holiday, write one or two questions about Christianity that you really want the answers to. Questions that you have wanted to ask, but didn’t want to ask in public in case someone judged you. Email or write your questions down and give them to me next week. I will keep them completely confidential and anonymous, and then do my best to answer them when I get back.

The toolkit of the curious are these seven words:

Who, What, When, Which, Where, Why, How

You may want to listen to this Sunday’s Bible reading first, or you may already have questions that have been glowing inside you for many years. Please ask. There is no desire to replace faith with knowledge, but a desire to help us grow in our faith, to grow in the knowledge and love of God.

Old and New Testament readings are Genesis 8:8-21 and Matthew 10:24–39 both found here, or in your favourite Bible translation.

Carol Holdsworth reads the Bible and Collect Prayer today

Faithful Creator,
whose mercy never fails:
deepen our faithfulness to you
and to your living Word,
Jesus Christ our Lord.

Bible Reading, Collect Prayer and Sermon for the 2nd Sunday of Trinity