A poetic response to God’s love

One of the Readers in our Churches, Glennis Thombs, is running a discipleship course called Saints Alive. Glennis is running this from her home and has a small group of people gathered each Thursday evening to go deeper into their Christian faith and learn to become true disciples: those who sit at the feet of Jesus and learn.

Marian Bray is one of those on the course and recently sent me some poetry she has written in response to the love she has found in Christ. It is with Marian’s permission that we share it here…

…Marian’s poetic response to God’s love

Oh Lord how I long
to get closer to you
to feel your warmth
and your love

To hear your voice
calling from
the heavens above
to help and guide me
in all that I do

To know you are
in control of my life
As I draw closer to you

Sometimes I feel lost
not knowing
which way to turn
tossing and turning
my head in a whirl

The world seems so cruel
and in such a mess
Oh let me stop
just to digress

Perhaps I’m a dreamer
well maybe I am
Oh help me I am stuck
in this terrible jam

So in earnest Lord
I am begging you please
draw closer to me
I am down on my knees

Poem by Marian Bray

Marian also wrote a second poem which speaks eloquently of her desire to become more Christlike and to grow into a deeper relationship with God…

Oh Lord please change
the world and please change me
Such a big task
I am sure you agree

Lots of work for you
and also for me
Pray open my mind
and soften my heart

Then I am sure
with your help
we can both make
a start

I know nothing impossible
for my Lord and my God
So many things
I don’t understand
Oh help me and guide me
please take my hand

Poem by Marian Bray

We hope that Marian’s poetry is thought-provoking and that yo may want to explore your own response to God’s love in Jesus Christ. If you have poetry, art, or writing that you would like to share, please email the Vicar.


  1. Ho what a privilege it is to read such wonderful poetry, thank you Lord for the privilege to bring your people into a great knowledge and longing to know you better.
    Thank you Marion God bless xx

  2. Your poems resonate with me so much, thank you for expressing so eloquently how I feel Marion. Sometimes life does send your head’s in a whirl and you can feel that there is no space left for God. I have enjoyed the daily prayer app which Graeme told me about, and although I don’t always understand the psalms and old testament readings I find that conscious time spent with God, for me, is very worthwhile. I especially like the end of day reflections, I don’t always find time participate but always feel closer to God when I do.

  3. I was feeling a little low this morning ,then I read Marion’s poem about feeling a little lost my head in a whirl , I read my Bible early every morning but felt the lord was guiding me to your poem Marion ? thankyou for lifting my spirit and to see the lord’s light in other people.may god bless you in your journey.

  4. Marian, your beautiful poetry is inspired and shows that you have a real heart for God xx

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