Shred Family Service 16th May 2021

Here is a photo of God’s love and care in action. Shred families met together for the first time this year today. Everyone was so excited and relieved to be reunited as one big Shred family together again after so long.

Paper fish prayers

Our children re-told the gospel story about Jesus asking his fisherman friends to recast their nets on the other side of the boat – prompting us to think about looking in new directions for our friends. We also heard a re-telling of the rainbow fish story – complete with a song, about the importance of being kind to our friends. Then we all wrote on our own fish and put them in a strong net- helping us to think about the different people whom God calls into loving friendship. We put our fish into the net with names of our friends (humans and animals), people and places that we care about, into the strong net of God’s love.

As we explore our future, we are asking ourselves

  • How can we offer God’s friendship to anyone who needs it here in the Colne Valley?
  • How can I go deeper into friendship with Jesus?
  • Who can I place into God’s strong net of love today?

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  1. Fab to hear you were able to meet as a Shred family again!
    Thanks for the report – all sounded great fun and a good message to learn

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