Skincare for Church

Do what you love: but do it for God. There’s no demand from God to run craft fayres, raffles, or any other activity… but there is a call from God to be who God made you to be. Claire Davenport runs a skincare business because she loves to help people feel pampered and now Claire wants to help raise money for St Bartholomew’s Church. My mind returns to the story of a woman who loved Jesus so much, she broke a jar of perfume over his feet, washed them with her tears and dried them with her hair. This was a very different reaction to the religious leader whose house he was visiting.

Claire says she’d like to run this ‘virtual skincare evening’ more than once. Not only is she giving half of her fees to St Bartholomew’s shes giving a religiously significant 10% of sales too. That is generous and significant.

If you would like a pamper, please contact Claire via facebook (link here) or txt call her mobile number below: