When the day seems dark

As we spend time with God, intentionally trying to listen to our Creator, sometimes we find words and images come to us. Sometimes they are a gift to us from God. Marian is part of the Saints Alive course that is being run by Glennis each Thursday – and Marian is feeling encouraged to write her feelings as poetry. I love that Marian is sensing the love of God in the world around us…

…Marian writes

When the day seems dark
and I am all alone
somewhere I know not where
a shaft of light
the sound of a lark

a beautiful rainbow
after the rain
a silver lining
voices singing
I am smiling again

These things are sent
from heaven above
with such feeling
and so much love

I don’t hunger
for silver or even for gold
just a smile
a kind word
a joy to behold

perhaps a few friends
what more can I say
to help and to guide me
and brighten my day.

Poetry by Marian Bray in response to the Saints Alive course

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