Who is Jesus?

In this sermon I asked how you would describe Jesus to someone who had never met him. Here are some of the wonderful responses I’ve had emailed to me.

He is like the best friend you wish you had always had. He will never let you down and will never judge or hold a grudge. He is like an invisible cloak always there to protect and guide you.

Sara Brown, St James Church, Slaithwaite

He will never turn anyone away who turns to Him
He will never lie or break a promise
He will never, ever leave your side

He will never force you to do anything or be anything you don’t want to
He will be as close to you as you want Him to be
He will give you as much of Himself as you want to take

He offers you mercy, hope, peace and eternity
He will want everything you are and will give you everything He is in return
He will forgive your faults, your mistakes and your shortcomings and lift you from the despair they bring
He will change you and your heart and mind into who you are supposed to be

He will love you more than anyone ever has or ever could
He will bring you to God and keep you safe forever.

Shelley Quinn, Home Church Community

Jesus is:
He is in and with the one who sits with a sick or dying person
He is in and with all the people who give their time to others freely
He is in every act of kindness
He is in the silence of prayer
He is in and with the person who helps a stranger
He is in the heart of a person who loves another
He is in and with me as I negotiate the world and it’s challenges
He is the one who shares my burdens
He helps me see the beauty around me
He is my guide and I am grateful for all of this

Dave Fisher, Churchwarden, St Bartholomew’s, Marsden

He is the same today as yesterday
My Great Unchanging Friend
He’ll be with me till the end

Melanie Haigh, St James Church, Slaithwaite

“Jesus is incredibly rude!” – a quote from Carol in our recorded conversation about who Jesus is…

Conversation about Jesus